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Children's Gift Of The GAB "blue Microphones Carnival" Starts

As the host of children's gift of the GAB show education industry leader "blue microphones", attempt to set off a nationwide national adult learning children's broadcasting and performing knowledge boom, in the annual list of May 5 and June 6, a series of learning activities.

It is learnt that the double five, and six, "Carnival of the blue microphone" has two child activities, namely the "double five-class Festival", "double six-beat for the summer holiday." Double five, and six, "Carnival of the blue microphones" pioneer in Portugal Chinese educator, founder of blue microphones Yuan Yifei said: "double five, and six blue microphones not only your own holiday, but also is a holiday for all training institutions throughout the country. We promote both of these dates evolve into "parenting" or "family fun" for parents and children provide an indispensable opportunity for parents, and a variety of family activities, providing parents and children with a happy and meaningful parent-child experience, to improve the quality of Chinese education, family education provides a solid foundation. ”

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